Arabic Poetry and Politics

Rakhshan Abbasi is volunteering during Litt.Sandnes – Literature Festival 2015 – and we are so pleased that she’s sharing her thoughts on some of the events:

otba_fathallah_1 mansur-rajih_-foto-signe-christine-urdal

Arabic poetry verses and thought provoking content echoed in the Sandnes Bibliotek during the Litt Sandnes Literature festival 2015.

The event began with the heartwarming poetry in Arabic “Junoon”, by the revolutionary poet and activist Mansur Rajih. His poetry reflects a new ray of hope that finds its way through the darkness of the past. During the event Mansur Rajih persistently emphasized on the need of democracy in the middle-east for tranquility and freedom of speech.

Otbah Fathallah, another inspirational writer present at the event read excerpt from his literature piece highlighting the struggle of immigrants in Norway. When asked if it is difficult to live without roots in a new land he said, harmony makes it easy.


The arabic literature day continued the second day as Manal Al Seikh, journalist, poet and writer shared her experiences, and gave vivid advice to the immigrants settling in Norway.

Overall, the event was worth the praise as it addressed crucial issues concerning immigrants and asylum seeker through poetry and prose.


Ps. The event was supported ny Nasjonalbiblioteket.


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