Møte og intervju med Josef Yohannes (The Urban Legend)


Text: Rakhshan Abbasi                                                       Photo: Sebastian Jazdzewski


“You have to challenge yourself to do something different and to grow, because as human beings we are dynamic not static.” Josef Yohannes the man behind the popular comic book The Urban Legend, shared his experiences and future plans at the exclusive event this week at Sandnes Bibiliotek. Les videre


Mer om karnevallørdagen – More on Carnival Saturday

Victoria Varzari (1)

Sandnes Bibliotek turned into an animal kingdom for a day as they hosted a fun filled Animal Carnival on Saturday.

Dressed in animal costumes, children gathered in the library Les videre

Interview with Alexandra Gjerpen


Text: Rakhshan Abbasi                   Photo: Sebastian Jazdzewski


Young, exuberant, talented; Alexandra Gjerpen lightened up the mood at Sandnes bibliotek by sharing some of her life experiences and anecdotes from the past. Quickly taking up steps to success, Alexandra Gjerpen is not just a promising actress but also a very down to earth lady. Though surrounded by several journalists, she was very generous with her time for a detailed interview.

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