Inn i det dystopiske: mørk musikk

IMG_4446Den siste tiden har vi hatt stort fokus på dystopisk ungdomslitteratur på Sandnes bibliotek.

I dette inlegget har jeg lagt noen forslag til musikk som jeg syns har et mørk, tung preg (både tekst- og lydmessig) som passer godt til sjangeren. God lytting!



Cult Of Luna – «Passing Through»

All is quiet, empty streets,
All is quiet, the city sleeps […]
I can’t move, can’t turn back […]
My silent shout
Won’t set me free
And time is passing me by




Zyklon – «Subtle Manipulation»

A generation of no return, howling […]
Disown the disorder; what about your past?
Negate and agitate; did you hope it would last?
Mind-control terminology at any level
Be sure they’ll disconnect the rebel




In Twilight’s Embrace – «Dystopian»

I’ve been watching the buildings rise
Vain like their creators
So thick with vacuum they are
Standing tall against the livid skies

In the windowpanes so blank
Shines a reflection of our inner grey
Drugged and despondent, we are all heading towards
The loss within the wastelands of ourselves




Beastmilk – «You Are Now Under Our Control»

Every thought is abducted
in locker room brawls
your body boils in the mind yard
in an image of your fall […]
You are now under our control
you are now under our control
Your future is fiction
your inner self is cruel hoax




Linkin Park – «Forgotten»

The wheels go round and the sunset creeps behind
Street lamps, chain-link and concrete
A little piece of paper with a picture drawn floats
On down the street till the wind is gone […]

In the memory you’ll find me
Eyes burning up
The darkness holding me tightly
Until the sun rises up




Pain – «Same Old Song»

You’re welcome to my world, dark side of the universe
I’ll take you for a spin, the mayhem begins
The media mouth is feeding and chemical youth that’s screaming
The circus starts to roll, there’s no turning back […]

They’ll try to shape your mind and make you walk the line
Don’t let them steal your dreams, its all that you’ve got




At The Gates – «At War With Reality»

A howling wind of nightmares
Howling through barren streets
Frozen in time
The city woke up – paralyzed

Where is the splendor?
All our ambitions decay
Among the ruins
Covered forever in dust




Iron Maiden – «The Prisoner»

Not a prisoner, I’m a free man
And my blood is my own now
Don’t care where the past was
I know where I’m going

I’m not a number, I’m a free man
Live my life where I want to



Foto/utvalget: Sebastian Jazdzewski





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