Mer om karnevallørdagen – More on Carnival Saturday

Victoria Varzari (1)

Sandnes Bibliotek turned into an animal kingdom for a day as they hosted a fun filled Animal Carnival on Saturday.

Dressed in animal costumes, children gathered in the library for exciting activities and made the event a huge success. While dancing on the jungle beats some children broke the pinatas, and others joined the animal craft workshop with Francis Kamau.

Victoria Varzari (2)

The mask making workshop with Flavia Lazea was another attraction for children, and the little artists filled their own colors and creativity into the activity. Storytime with Nina Næsheim and costume competitions brought smiles to the adorable faces, making the event worth the praise.

Rakhshan (2) Rakhshan (1)

Rakhshan (3)

Victoria Varzari (4)

Victoria Varzari (6)Victoria Varzari (5)

Victoria Varzari (3)


Text & photo (3, 4, 5): Rakhshan Abbasi*

Photo (1, 2, 6-9): Victoria Varzari*

* Rakhshan Abbasi and Victoria Varzari are volunteers at Sandnes library.





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