LITT.SANDNES 2015: The Force Awakens at Sandnes Bibliotek


Rakhshan Abbasi was volunteering during Litt.Sandnes – Literature Festival 2015 – and we are so pleased that she is sharing her thoughts on some of the events.

Sandnes Bibliotek felt the force, as it celebrated the Star Wars day on Saturday; concluding the Litt Sandnes literature festival 2015. With a few weeks until the worldwide release of Star Wars: The Force awakens, it is not surprising to see many Star War events across the globe, and Sandnes bibliotek followed the trend. The event was quite festive and a large number of children together with their parents showed up to take part in different creative activities. Costume Competition, pop-up shop with Commentum, photo stand With Japan Photo, and creative workshop with Francis Kamau gave children an interactive experience of the galaxy far far away.

501st Nordic Garrison, a Star War Charity Club, was also present to entertain the young fans. Stormtrooper and Amidala were of course the stars of the event, as they shared information about Star Wars and showed the trailer of the upcoming movie.

The festival ended with the Rad Crew direct podcast from Sandnes bibliotek, featuring the best Star Wars moments; and discussing the costumes, graphics and the music of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


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